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More “Security Alerts”: Fur Commission Memos on Five ALF Fur Industry Actions

The memos fur farmers woke up to the morning after five Animal Liberation Front actions.

Part twenty in a thirty-article series this month on the ALF’s fur farm campaign. One article a day will be posted the month of December.

Every time a fur farmer sees a strange vehicle, chases off an intruder, or gets a suspicious phone call, the Fur Commission sends out a “Security Alert” to its members. These alerts are intended to be read by fur farmers only, but several dozen have been obtained by Animal Liberation Frontline.

I’m posting a collection of alerts sent out about the last five Animal Liberation Front actions against the fur industry. While most other alerts document indicators of possible future ALF actions, those here cover actual ALF actions.

For those who follow these actions closely, there are a few pieces of new, inside  information embedded throughout: the number of animals not recaptured, a reference to evidence found at a “crime scene,” and other suspicious activity detected around the time of the ALF actions.

The alerts cover these actions in 2011 & 2012:

D&S fox farm liberation
Miller Mink Farm liberation (two alerts)
Palmer Erickson fur farm liberation
Astoria, Oregon fur farm liberation
Rocky Mountain Fur & Fireworks arson

D&S Fox Farm Raid

In this alert, the Fur Commission speculates this fox liberation is related to the nearby Animal Rights Conference 2012, and that myself and others at the conference “incited” others to commit crimes.  (Note: I have redacted speculation about the owner of the Coalition Against Fur Farms site.)

“Fur Commission USA
Security Alert OH, PA, IN, IL
August 6, 2012

Early yesterday morning animal rights extremists broke into D&S Fox Farm near Elkton Virginia, and released all 13 silver foxes on the farm. They also claim to have destroyed farm equipment during the raid.

At the time, the National Animal Rights Convention in Alexandria VA was coming to a close, where known “liberationist” and convicted felon Peter Young, among others, were speaking. Young, naive activists likely were incited at the conference to commit crimes against family farms.

On July 16, Coalition Against Fur Farms listed the address and owner of D&S Fox Farm as a “new discovery” on their website. It is generally agreed that the website is owned by [REDACTED].

The attackers may be heading west on the road home from the Conference, so resource providers in OH, IN, IL and possibly Southern PA are urged to be on high alert over the next few days. Please report any unknown vehicles or persons near your facility to Fur Commission USA and your local law enforcement agency.

Distributed by,
Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA”

Miller Mink Farm alert #1

In this bulletin, the Fur Commission announces the release of 1,100 mink from a farm in northeastern Washington state, and alludes to a connection to a suspicious vehicle seen (presumably) near the Roessler Brothers mink farm near Startup, WA.

“Fur Commission USA
Security Alert –Iowa, Pacific Northwest
October 12, 2011

Early this morning Gina and Mike Miller arose to find that animal rights extremists had broke into their farm in Gifford WA, and released approximately 1,100 mink. The Miller family, with help from their friends and neighbors, are presently re-capturing the animals and the FBI in both Seattle and Spokane have been alerted.  More information will be sent as it becomes available.

On Saturday, an {redacted} was seen outside an abandoned pelting shed near Startup WA.  A [description and age redacted] old was spotted taking photos of the shed with a high powered lens.  The vehicle was occupied by several other persons.  When approached the car sped away.  No other information is available.”

Miller Mink Farm alert #2

In this memo, the Fur Commission gives an update and reveals that 100 mink remain free the day after the liberation at Miller Mink Farm.

While the Fur Commission generally claim fur farm raids are the work of one cell traveling the country, after two raids in two days over a thousand miles apart, they are forced to state: “It has become apparent that more than one cell is at work in these attacks.”

“Fur Commission USA
Security Update
October 13, 2011

Status of Farm Raids, Investigations

An anonymous claim of guilt has been posted on the internet regarding the attack on the Miller Mink Farm in Gifford WA. It can be found on www.directaction.info. In light of this we will be posting a press release outlining the recent actions targeting US farms, that will be posted on www.furcommission.com within the next hour. If you are contacted by a reporter, please do not comment, and forward any requests for comment to Fur Commission at 541-595-8568 or mw@furcommission.com. Also, do not let anyone but law enforcement onto your farm.

As of last night, the Millers had recaptured all but about 100 of the 1,100 released mink, and had set traps to try and collect the remaining animals. Agents from the FBI Spokane office were on the scene within hours of the attack

Also as of last night, the two people arrested in the attack on Steve Krege’s farm are still in custody and are being questioned by the FBI. I will send out updates as they become available.

It has become apparent that more than one cell is at work in these attacks. Please be extremely vigilant concerning strangers around your farm. Take photos of vehicles, or persons of interest. Record license plates and physical descriptions. Make sure your neighbors are aware of the recent raids, and that they too are alert to suspicious activity. Contact your local Sheriff’s Dept or PD and let them know what is happening around the country. Sometimes the smallest bit of information from Minnesota can result in the arrest of extremists in Utah.

Activists use satellite imagery (Google Maps) to research entry and exit points on the farms, as well as routes to and from your immediate area. Be aware of any nearby parking areas that are in walking distance to the back of your farm. If possible, hire a night watchman for a couple weeks.

Hopefully, as we harden the targets these attacks will subside and/or the perpetrators will be caught. Please contact Fur Commission with any information you obtain that can help law enforcement keep our farms safe.

Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA

Palmer Erickson mink farm raid

The Fur Commission states here that the fur farm raiders left behind several “incriminating” pieces of evidence, which was collected by the FBI.

This memo also reveals that the raid was discovered in the pre-dawn hours because of a barking dog.

“Fur Commission USA
October 7, 2011

Mink Release in Iowa

Early this morning animal rights extremists broke into Palmer Erickson’s fur farm in Jewell IA and released approximately 1,600 mink. The attack was discovered when the family dogs started barking in the pre-dawn hours. The assailants opened pens in 4 sheds on the perimeter of the farm. Local sheriffs and the Des Moines FBI have gathered promising evidence, as the perpetrators left behind several incriminating items.

Neighbors and friends immediately came to the Erickson’s aide, and have recaptured most of the mink. The farm is adjacent to several large corn fields, so they expect to continue collecting the remaining animals for several days.

No claims of responsibility have surfaced yet. Farmers and resource providers in adjacent counties and states are urged to check their security systems and be extra vigilant in the coming weeks. This is the third attack related to fur production in the past 10 days, and more incidents may occur. Any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to law enforcement and Fur Commission USA.

Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA”

Arson at Rocky Mountain Fireworks & Fur alert

The damage is described as “minimal”, yet the Fur Commission believes the fire “marks a significant escalation of tactics by violent animal rights extremists against the US fur industry.”

“Fur Commission USA
Security Alert
September 27, 2011

Arson Attack on Idaho Fur Store

Early Monday morning animal rights terrorists attacked Rocky Mountain Fireworks & Fur in Caldwell Idaho, using multiple incendiary devices. Firefighters from six different agencies battled the blaze that closed down Idaho Highway 30. An anonymous communiqué delivered to the Bite Back website claimed the crime was committed by “The Arson Unit” and marks a significant escalation of tactics by violent animal rights extremists against the US fur industry. Federal agents from the ATF in Boise, as well as the FBI in Salt Lake City and Seattle are investigating the attack.

There were no injuries and the fire was contained without significant damage to the fireworks or fur articles, said fire official Marty Ogan. “It was stopped relatively quickly, overall, there was a minimal amount of damage.” In addition to selling fireworks, the business buys wild fur pelts and sells trapping supplies.

Resource providers in Southern Idaho and Northern Utah should review their security precautions and immediately report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to law enforcement and Fur Commission USA.

Distributed by
Fur Commission USA

Astoria mink liberation alert

According to this memo, 40 of the 300 animals released had not been recaptured at the time it was distributed.

“Pacific Northwest
September 25, 2011

Mink farm attacked in Oregon

At approximately 1:30 AM this morning, unknown animal rights terrorists broke into a mink farm near Astoria Oregon, releasing approximately 300 animals. The farmer, with help from his friends and neighbors successfully recaptured all but about 40 of the animals within the first few hours. They continue to search for the remaining mink.

On Thursday a suspicious woman, about [REDACTED] yrs old, [REDACTED] lbs was seen near the Roesler Bros. farm. When approached she covered her face and drove away in a late model [REDACTED].

All farmers and other resource providers are urged to take extra security precautions and report any unknown persons near their animal facilities.

Please contact the FBI, your local police and Fur Commission USA if you suspect you may be targeted for attack.

Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA

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