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Security Alert #4: Two Suspicious Vehicles Seen at Fur Farms

In another leaked security bulletin, the Fur Commission warns fur farmers about suspicious cars seen near fur farms.

Part sixteen in a thirty-article series this month on the ALF’s fur farm campaign.

Two suspicious vehicles are seen acting suspiciously near mink farms in Utah and Wisconsin, as described in one of dozens of security alerts obtained by Animal Liberation Frontline.

Note: I have redacted information that could be potentially compromising for the vehicle’s owners.

This memo was distributed to all 400 or so of the Fur Commission’s members after three Animal Liberation Front (and unclaimed) raids of fur farms had occurred in the previous 30 days.

The first farm mentioned, owned by Ryan Holt in South Jordan, Utah, had 3,000 mink released by the Animal Liberation Front in 1996.

Unclaimed action?

Interestingly, the security alert references four fur farm “attacks” in the month preceding the memo. However, only three are known. If there was a fourth raid, it was not claimed or reported by the media.

The memo could be referring to the arson at Rocky Mountain Firework Fur & Company in Caldwell, Idaho; however that business is not believed to be a wild pelt buyer and not a fur farm, as the memo states.

Hyper-paranoia and the fur farming industry

This memo, along with others I have posted and will be posting this month, highlights how neurotically vigilant some fur farmers have become. After over 90 raids of fur farms in the last 15 years, often any passing car is deemed suspect. Fur farmers are also fond of recruiting their neighbors, who can be more troublesome and overeager than the farmers themselves.

To further highlight this, I will soon be posting an incredible document: an entire log of all “suspicious activity” detected at fur farms over a two-year period (1998-1999), published by the Fur Commission. The first installment will go up later this week.

Past security alerts posted this month:

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The latest security alert reads, in full:

“Fur Commission USA
October 23, 2011
Vehicles seen scouting farms in UT, WI

Late Friday night a blue [REDACTED], with Utah license plates [REDACTED], was seen outside the Holt mink farm in South Jordan UT.  The vehicle fled when approached, and after being followed it was discovered to have an un-matched front license plate (began with [REDACTED])

That same evening a light colored [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] plates [REDACTED] was seen making numerous passes outside Langer Fur Farm near Kewaunee Wisconsin.  Two men wearing camoflage baseball hats were in the vehicle.  Initial reports indicate that the license plates are not registered to that make or model.

With four farm attacks in the last 30-days, ranchers are urged to be especially alert to any suspicious activity around their property. Check your security, and alert your employees and neighbors to be aware of any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area.   Report any unusual activity to law enforcement and Fur Commission USA

Distributed by,
Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA

This is the sixteenth of 30 articles I will be posting in December on the ALF’s fur farm campaign. Sign up for the email list to get every update sent to your inbox, or check back daily.

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