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Police Write Checks to Activists After Protest at A.L.F. Target

Police pay activists $200 each after giving unlawful order at a frequent A.L.F. target

Staff at the Utah Fur Breeders Cooperative took offense to a recent protest by the Salt Lake Animal Advocacy Movement, calling police. Workers at the mink feed plant, targeted at least four times by the Animal Liberation Front (including the $1 million bombing in 1997), apparently objected to chants such as “What goes around, comes around – you got burned to the ground”.

Police arrived and ordered activists to leave. The order was unlawful, and activists promptly sued the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake.

The police, fighting a case they couldn’t win, settled out of court and were ordered to pay more than$15,000. Included was an order for $200 to be paid to each activist.

While police work overtime to stifle lawful dissent and legal protests, images like these represent a rare moment of triumph:

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