Possible FBI Informant Leaves Behind a Message…. Apr11


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Possible FBI Informant Leaves Behind a Message….

I’m posting a note below that was found folded under a chair after last week’s Animal Ethics Conference in Provo, Utah. It was scrawled on a comment card given to attendees to provide feedback to the speakers and organizers, then left on the ground after my talk.

There is nothing particularly eventful about the FBI lurking around an animal rights event. Yet if this note is authentic, the undertone of urgency is somewhat interesting. It appears to be written from the position of someone who is working as an FBI informant, or is privy to info on who is, while not actually being an FBI agent themselves.

There are two possible theories here. The note is either:

*An authentic note left by an informant the FBI seeded the audience with, who didn’t wish to reveal themselves.

*Deliberately planted disinformation to spread fear among speakers and the conference organizers who host them.

To me, the note reads much more like someone feebly trying to assuage their conscience than anyone genuinely unsupportive of their employers / handlers work.

Decide for yourself. (click to enlarge).


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