“Rescued”: New short film on animal liberator Jonathan Paul Sep25


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“Rescued”: New short film on animal liberator Jonathan Paul

The history of the Animal Liberation Front has a very short list of well-known people whose work has been well documented. There is a much longer list of unsung heroes whose contributions have gone unknown or underappreciated. One such person is Jonathan Paul.

A new documentary short titled “Rescued: Animal Liberation” highlights the activist career of Paul, recently released after serving 51 months for burning down a horse slaughterhouse.

As part of his plea agreement, Paul admitted to a role in a slew of high-profile Animal Liberation Front raids. These include some of the most notable ALF actions, such as the break ins at the University of Oregon in 1986 and the University of Arizona in 1989. As one person who reviewed his legal paperwork said to me: “People have no idea what a rock star Jonathan Paul is, and how many actions he had a part in.”

The extent of Jonathan Paul’s work with the ALF has not been fully covered or appreciated, and this film by Dog Park Media is a start towards documenting his important work.

Endnote: For more reading on the work of Jonathan Paul, I recommend the book Operation Bite Back, which focuses on the work of Rod Coronado and (to a lesser extent) Paul.

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