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New Felony Charge for Florida Activist Arrested At Whale Holding Facility

From Negotiation is Over

On September 10, Chris Lagergren was arrested at gunpoint in Key Largo by Sgt. Javier Ortiz — an officer with a history of misconduct and brutality. His crimes included taking pictures of pilot whales at the Marine Mammal Conservancy and allegedly tampering with a fence. He was charged with three misdemeanors: 2 counts of Tresspass and 1 count of Criminal Mischief.

A bombshell was dropped in court today when prosecutors seemingly pulled a felony count out of thin air: under the Florida Animal Enterprise Protection Act, he was charged under Statute is 828.42 “Animal enterprise disruption”. Although an arraignment date has not been set, Chris now faces three separate trials in the Circuit Courts and, possibly, 7 years if convicted.

It is interesting to note that the prosecutors offered no further evidence or grounds upon which this charge is predicated. But, clearly, Florida prosecutors are determined to make an example of Chris and, therefore, it is incumbent upon every one of us to make sure he has an adequate and effective defense team.

When the state targets one of us, they target all of us.

But Chris is also a personal friend and an activist that the animals cannot afford to lose. Please continue to contribute to his legal expenses.

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