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New “Extremist Watch” Describes Preventing A.L.F. Attacks

Another copy of the secretive Extremist Watch newsletter leaked

For the second time, Animal Liberation Front-line has been provided a copy of the little-seen publication Extremist Watch, published for law enforcement and animal researchers. Never meant to be seen by the eyes of the public, this week another issue was submitted to Animal Liberation Front-line anonymously.  Extremist Watch covers both above-ground animal rights activism and the Animal Liberation Front.

View the new Extremist Watch here.

Last month, I posted two previous copies of Extremist Watch. These issues printed intelligence on the animal rights movement such as activists home addresses, which activists were dating, details about the personal lives of activists, and more. It was the first time the newsletter had been seen publicly.

The latest issue I have been provided focuses on two subjects:

1) Recent photos of mutilated primates inside Primate Products, leaked by the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit.

2) How to increase security at animal research labs.

Part one: leaked Primate Products photos

In August, the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit publicized gruesome photos leaked from inside Primate Products, a notorious breeder of primates for animal research labs. The photos showed badly mutilated animals inside their Florida facility.

The Primate Products / Animal Liberation Investigation Unit analysis in Extremist Watch focuses on the implications of the leaked photos, and offers advice for animal abusers to prevent future public relations crisis’.

INA’s “analysts” (who seem to source all their “intel” from the internet) carry on the same fear mongering we saw in the two previously issues, even getting an entire paragraph of mileage out of a video for a song called “Firebomb” posted in the Facebook page of a Florida activist.

Extremist Watch also describes concerns that animal rights activists will obtain employment inside Primate Products, admitting the impact the leaked photos had –

“…a leak of proprietary information could be just as damaging to a company as undercover videotape footage if released to the public, as evidenced in the release of the photographs allegedly ‘leaked’ from a source inside PPI.”

Extremist Watch’s “analysts” urge screening of all applicants for positions in animal research labs who have direct contact with animals.

Part two: Increasing security at animal research labs

In the second section,various Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) preventatives are outlined.

The section starts by mentioning recent reports of “suspicious behavior” at animal research labs.

“In one case, an unidentified individual approached a staff member and questioned the type of work being conducted within the facility and sought information on the building’s layout  before being asked to leave the premises.”

And another example:

“In other cases, unidentified individuals avoided company personnel and fled when confronted by the staff.”

“In nearly every case” (of suspicious activity), Extremist Watch states individuals were observed taking photographs of the animal research labs.

To prevent against Animal Liberation Front raids, the article recommends decreasing blind-spots at animal facilities, increasing physical barriers along the lab perimeters, adequate lighting, creating single entry points / exits, installing fence motion sensors, and more.

Implementing certain security features, according to Extremist Watch, can

“…give the illusion of more security than actually exists and deter criminal acts.”

The article also recommends animal research labs prevent the public from seeing or hearing animals:

“It is often not advisable for outsiders to be able to view or hear laboratory animals.”

Use of security decoys are also encouraged, including –

“…false, lighted windows to create the appearance of insiders monitoring the outside of the facility.”

In a comic moment (and there are many among the three issues I have been provided), the “experts” at Extremist Watch clearly underestimate the motivation of the Animal Liberation Front , claiming –

“…activists, are unlikely to attempt crossing a section of desert, uneven ground, rocks or other physical features during the dark of night.”

So despite the A.L.F.’s history of cutting through windows, sawing through doors, and dropping through skylights, Extremist Watch assures its clients that activists working at night are unlikely to cross “uneven ground”.

Animal rights Wikileaks

Animal Liberation Front-Line is happy to post any future copies of Extremist Watch, or other damning documents from animal abusers. If you have copies of Extremist Watch, the Fur Farm Letter, other insider animal abuser publications, or incriminating documents, please send to Animal Liberation Front-Line.

– Peter Young