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More FBI Visits in California

Following up on last week’s post, there is a report of a third person visited by the FBI in California. The FBI appears to be seeking information on an animal rights activists believed to be known by those visited.

In this latest incident, the person was an ex-vegan, and the FBI attempted to capitalize on this “revision of belief” by requesting this person speak to them. The person reportedly refused to talk. The FBI stated in this interview attempt that they were aware this person was no longer vegan.

It is clear the FBI is attempting to exploit weaknesses and conflicts in our movement to gather intelligence which will aid them in their goal of imprisoning the A.L.F., and other facets of our movement they deem a threat. It should be expected the three reports received so far are only the tip of the iceberg, and that many more activists or former activists have been contacted.

Be vigilant, and know why it is never OK to speak to the FBI.

– Peter Young

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