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Major Animal Liberation Prisoner Updates

I would much prefer covering this important news more extensively, yet until the computers taken in the FBI raid are replaced, computer access is limited. So I will offer three animal liberation prisoner updates, with a brevity that does not match their significance:

Carrie Feldman is released

After four months in jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating the University of Iowa A.L.F. action, Carrie Feldman has been released from jail. We hope she receives a heroes welcome.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune article

Scott and Carrie support site announcement

Lauren Gazzola of the SHAC 7 is released

After serving 3.5 years in prison as one of the SHAC 7, Lauren Gazzola has been released to a halfway house. News to celebrate. Welcome home. Only one SHAC 7 prisoner to go…

Letter from Lauren

Kevin Olliff pleads guilty

In what is sadly one of the most significant, and at the same time most undercovered cases right now, Kevin Olliff will plead “no contest” to charges related to protest activity. He admits nothing more than that he participated in home demonstrations against researchers and company executives, yet the press has erroneously labeled him a “member of the animal liberation front”. He faces up to 3 years in prison at his sentencing. More details to come.

LA Times story

Support Kevin site

Write Kevin a letter:

KEVIN OLLIFF, #1300931

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