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Fur Farm Signs Threaten Trespassers with Terrorism Charges

The Fur Commission USA issues new signs threatening Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges for trespassers

FCUSA AETA fur farm sign

About 18 months ago, reports began to come in of new signs posted at fur farms around the country. People in Oregon and Utah who had demonstrated at farms noticed new signs, which read:

“Private Property

No Trespassing

A course of conduct involving criminal trespass is punishable under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act… with a fine and up to five years in prison

Violators will be prosecuted under this and all other applicable local and federal statutes”

The signs are often seen posted at the entrance to mink farms, and places around the farm’s perimeter that a farmer might consider access points for the Animal Liberation Front.

As I often have to mention on this site: I am not a lawyer. But from where I stand, this sign seems to be the same thing as saying nothing at all. While there are many non-felonious reasons someone would trespass on a fur farm (obtaining footage, for example), the most common reason would be to liberate animals. An act which, as I can personally testify, is already illegal.

Here is a photo of the sign at the McMullin fur farm in South Jordan, Utah, raided by the ALF in 2008:

mcmullin fur farm

As an attempted Animal Liberation Front deterrent, a sign is feeble, desperate, and laughable. As ineffectual as the only other security precaution on (most) fur farms: a cheap chicken wire fence easily felled by the masked liberators these pathetic signs are intended to deter.

– Peter Young

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