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All police “required” to report animal releases to the FBI

Iowa sheriff tells media “all” police departments must report animal releases to the FBI.

A quote in a follow-up article on the mink release in Keota, Iowa revealed one interesting (but unsurprising) note: That all police departments are “required” to report any animal release to the FBI.

The police log states that sometime overnight on Aug. 30, about 100 mink were released from cages in the 1100 block of 190th Street in Keota.  The sheriff says that as of Thursday, “some” of the animals were still missing.

Presumably, crimes the most powerful investigative agency in the country is not interested in investigating include robbery, home invasion, assault, murder, and any arson and property damage that is not intended to save animals.

Police say they continue to investigate the release as a “prank”, but that their investigator and the FBI have been in frequent contact.