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Why Would Farmers Claiming to Fear “Eco-Terrorists” Publish A Map of Their Farm?

When farmers post detailed maps of their farms, “eco-terrorism” fears are exposed as hype.

After the Animal Liberation Front burned 14 trucks at a large stockyard in California, local farmers repeated ad nauseum that they lived in fear of  militant animal rights activists andeco-terrorism”. With literally tens of thousands of stockyards, farms, and slaughterhouses in the Central Valley alone, and only one ALF arson, these cries of an activist “siege” sound suspiciously fake.

To understand that animal abusers are lying about “living in fear” of the ALF, look closely at the website for Metzer Farms. The company breeds birds for laboratories, pets, and meat. As such, it would be a prime target for the Animal Liberation Front. But there is one thing a business legitimately afraid of “eco-terrorists” doesn’t do…

Publish a detailed map of their farm – including which animals are in which buildings. (Click to enlarge)

Below this image on the Metzer Farms site is this list:

1 – Hatchery
2 – Greenhouse (holding many of our small breeder duck flocks)
3 – Brooder Room (for small numbers of birds)
4 – Building 1 (duck breeders)
5 – Shavings and Hay Bunkers
6 – Building 2 (duck breeders)
7 – Building 3 (duck breeders)
8 – South Goose Breeder Pens
9 – Tool/Maintenance Shed
10 – Mallard Pens
11 – North Goose Breeder Pens
12 – Red Barn (brooder building for large flocks)
13 – Our Home (for our brood)

View the full blog post here.

Metzer Farms is in central California, approximately 85 miles from Harris Ranch, the target of the recent ALF action that has elicited so much “fear” from California farmers. This is the region farmers claim are “under attack” by “agri-terrorists”. Their manufactured fear-frenzy has included:

*Offering large rewards for information leading to the capture of the Animal Liberation Front

*Proposed laws that would charge anyone arrested for ALF arsons at stockyards with the same crimes used for fires that kill people.

*An “Agri-Terrorism Seminar“, where farmers will learn from the “experts” how to “protect” their operation.

Bottom line: Animal abusers are exaggerating the threat of the Animal Liberation Front and “eco-terrorism” to further their offensive against all facets of the animal liberation movement.

If they were really afraid, they wouldn’t be handing the world a blueprint of their farm.

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