Utah Denies Release of Fur Farm List, Citing Potential for ALF Raids Oct25


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Utah Denies Release of Fur Farm List, Citing Potential for ALF Raids

In a letter, government refuses release of public records due to potential for “vandalism”.

This week a reader submitted a letter they received from the Utah Dept. of Natural Resources, rejecting a formal request for the release of all licensed fur farms in the state. The request was denied on the grounds that to release the list exposed farmers to the potential for a visit from the Animal Liberation Front.

Specifically, the letter stated releasing the addresses would invade the privacy of fur farmers, and “potentially exposes them to threat of harassment and vandalism by groups and individuals opposed to such facilities.”

Here is a snapshot (click to enlarge):

This is another example of the “specter of the ALF” being exploited to target anyone with a subversive agenda – whether or not they break laws (or whether or not the laws they do break have any relation to animal liberation). Examples include keeping prisoners incarcerated for petty crimes in solitary confinement (Kevin Olliff), putting travelers through intrusive TSA screenings, and suppressing lawful protest through surveillance and limiting speech under the guise of “preventing eco-terrorism”.

And in this example, we can not so much as review previously public business records held by government agencies. An address is now a dangerous weapon.

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