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After being freed from a slaughterhouse, 10 cows remain free

Ten cows go uncaptured after the ALF freed them from a Michigan slaughterhouse.

On August 26th, 15 cows were freed from a slaughterhouse in North Branch, Michigan.

It was among the more unusual actions ever claimed by the Animal Liberation Front – so unusual I didn’t cover it here. Like most, I felt freeing domesticated animals into the streets to fend for themselves was of no benefit to the cows, save for perhaps a few hours of relative freedom before being rounded up.

I was wrong.

Days after the the 15 cows were released, 10 remain free. There have been numerous sightings, but by the time police arrive the animals have vanished. Some of the cows have been spotted several miles away, and they may have entered a nearby 9,000-acre state wildlife area.

Stay free.


The Animal Liberation Front communique reads:

“In the early morning of August 26th two ALF members traveled three hours to a small town called North Branch, MI to vandalize and liberate a family slaughterhouse called ‘Mcnee’s Meats’ -years prior the beef they sold was even tested positive for E. Coli. One member glued the ignition to the transport truck and the lock to the front door as well as sprayed painted ‘Meat is Murder’ on the front of the building. The other member freed fifteen enslaved cows from being slaughtered, broke the lighting fixtures, and smashed holding cages for chickens (cows being the only animals present).”