Speaking in St Louis Monday for Eco-Prisoners Solidarity Day Jun08


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Speaking in St Louis Monday for Eco-Prisoners Solidarity Day

Just a note for anyone in or near St Louis: I’ll be speaking at Webster University on Monday as part of the international eco-prisoners solidarity day.

The event is being put on by the awesome new group St Louis Vegans. Check out the event Facebook page.

The talk will be at:

Webster University
Library Conference Room
St Louis, MO
7pm to 10pm

And here’s the full writeup for the event:

“Join us for an event to support prisoners serving sentences for crimes committed to save animals and the environment. This is part of an International Day of Solidarity with Eco-Prisoners.

Peter Young will speak about his own experiences as an animal liberator and subsequent federal prisoner. Thousands of mink released from fur farms. Seven years evading the FBI. Two years spent locked up. Come listen to what Peter has to say about prisoner support, “eco-terrorism,” and animal rights.

We’ll be raising donations for the legal fees of prisoners by taking pre-orders on t-shirts to be printed soon. These shirts are custom-designed by a local print artist and feature artwork that depicts the relationship between human and animal prisoners.

Everyone who attends will also get a packet with contact information for current eco-prisoners and guidelines on how to write them.”

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