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Iowa Police Staking Out Proposed Horse Slaughterhouse

Fearing an arson attack, police maintain presence outside an upcoming slaughterhouse in Iowa.

Keokuk County sheriffs have positioned themselves outside an upcoming horse slaughterhouse this week over fears it will be set on fire by the Animal Liberation Front.
The concern comes after the only other horse slaughterhouse in the US was set on fire last week, temporarily delaying its opening.
Fire, and other good news
In another positive turn, a judge Friday blocked the opening of both horse slaughterhouses. The two plants were to be the first in the country to open after a recent move by the Obama administration to reverse a 2008 congressional move that ended the practice. The order is only temporary, and is pending the outcome of an ongoing lawsuit.
Police stakeout continues
According to media reports, the proposed horse-slaughtering plant owned by “Responsible Transportation LLC”  in Iowa remains under the close eye of local police, who consider the building to be squarely in the crosshairs of the Animal Liberation Front.