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Nine Chickens Liberated in Two Northwest Egg Farm Raids

According to Bite Back, the Animal Liberation Front has taken credit for two egg farms raids which saw the rescue of nine chickens.

According to the communique, the first was in January, where six chickens were liberated from an unspecified farm in Oregon. The second was in February, where three chickens were liberated in Washington, also from an unspecified farm.

The ALF communique describes the actions as “small”, but I disagree.

The full communique reads:

“Some small actions:

January 2012: 6 hens were removed from an intensive egg farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

February 2012: 3 chickens were rescued and re-homed from a broiler farm in Washington state.

Escaping the horrors of the factory farm, these individuals will live out the remainder of their lives in freedom in open fields.

Solidarity with non-cooperating green scare prisoners and those on the run.

Every life counts,


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