New Photos of Burned Fur Farm Supplier Show Building is a “Total Loss” Apr09


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New Photos of Burned Fur Farm Supplier Show Building is a “Total Loss”

Animal Liberation Frontline receives new photos of burned fur feed supplier revealing building is totally out of commission.

In December, what may be the largest mink feed supplier in the country went up in flames. While the Utah Fur Breeder’s Agricultural Co-op (outside Salt Lake City) has been targeted by the Animal Liberation Front in two past arson attacks, this fire was ruled “accidental”. The fire was said to have been caused by sparks from a welder’s torch.

There have been no reports until now about how extensive the fire was, or what effect it would have on the building. New photos received by Animal Liberation Frontline reveal the fire has completely shut down the Fur Breeder’s Agricultural Co-op.

The media reported heavily on the fire, but there were no follow up reports on the extent of the damage. These photos show the damage was greater than originally reported. One sign on the door of building described the building as a “total loss”.

This information is significant for the future of the fur farming industry in Utah (the country’s second-largest fur farming state) because of this business’s importance. Mink farms in the past have been forced to close down after the plant cut them from their delivery route. With the Fur Breeder’s Cooperative out of commission, it raises the question: What will this mean for the fur industry in Utah?

Posted below are the 14 photos received by Animal Liberation Frontline. They show, among other things:

*Large portions of the building demolished, with only the foundation remaining

*A sign declaring the building has been deemed unsafe for entry

*A sign describing the building as a “total loss”

*Images of the gutted interior

*Images of the exterior charred by smoke


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