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Fur Farm Addresses Exposed by the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit

The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit exposes the unpublished addresses of three mink farms, a feed supplier, and a new fur researcher.

In their third communique, the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit this week released more secretive fur industry data. Included were addresses for:

*Three unknown mink farms

*A feed supplier

*A new fur industry researcher

All were previously unknown outside the fur industry.

Having done heavy research into the fur industry myself, I can testify to how closely the fur industry guards these addresses. The new addresses do not appear to be internet-sourced, and in fact the communique (read in full below) states:

The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit is being leaked information from the highest levels of the U.S. fur industry.

This is the third communique from the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit, which apparently functions to distribute unpublished, sensitive information on the fur industry. In its first communique, the FFIU released a list of attendees for the 2010 Canadian Mink Breeder’s show in Madison, Wisconsin – including the exact dates some farmers would not be at home to guard their farms. In its second communique, the F.F.I.U. exposed a previously unknown mink farm in Turner, Oregon.

With an industry as small as the fur industry, every possible target within it has major significance. Two addresses exposed in the latest communique in in particular have potentially immense significance to the survival of the fur industry.

New feed supplier: The FF.I.U. exposed the address of Shoreline Farms, a previously unknown Utah mink feed supplier. Feed represents 50% to 60% of the cost of raising a mink, and is a mink farmer’s largest expense. Without suppliers delivering inexpensive, specially blended feed (which guarantees quality pelts), the U.S. fur industry would not be able to survive. Not since www.finalnail.com exposed the Astoria, Oregon location of Northwest Farm Foods has a new feed supplier been discovered in the U.S. All mink feed suppliers have tremendous significance, and this is a major discovery. (Read the full list of known fur feed suppliers in The Blueprint)

New researcher: The F.F.I.U. also exposed the new (possibly soon-to-be) fur industry researcher Branson W. Ritchie. He is said to be working on the “Mink Genome Project” to eliminate Aleutian Disease. AD is perhaps the greatest fear of any fur farmer (possibly eclipsing the A.L.F.), and can wipe out an entire farm in less than two months. The elimination of Aleutian Disease would eradicate one of the biggest threats the fur industry faces. This research would be a crucial lynchpin in the survival of the fur industry, and is a significant discovery.  (Read the full list of known fur industry researchers in The Blueprint).

In addition, the Fur Farm Intelligence Unit released addresses of three farms owned by the Carson family of Highland, Utah.

This is the full Fur Farm Intelligence Unit communique, as received by Bite Back:

“Fur Farm Intelligence Unit Communique #3

The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit is making public these never-before published fur industry addresses:

New mink farms

The addresses of these three farms have never been published. All three are owned by the Carson family of Highland, Utah. There are two new Utah farms owned by Larry Carson, and a third Idaho farm owned by his son Nathan Carson. The Carsons also own mink feed supplier Shoreline Farms.

Nate Carson
1174 South Hwy 81
Declo, Idaho 83323
(208) 645-3201

Notes: Mink farm. Opened recently.

Location #1
1553 No 950 East
Richfield, Utah 84701

Notes: Mink farm

Location #2
6199 South 2800 West
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Notes: Mink farm

New mink feed supplier

Shoreline Farms
6245 So 2800 West
Lakeshore, Utah 84660

Notes: Owned by Larry Carson. Feed suppliers are essential for the survival of the U.S. fur industry. There are only 10 other confirmed mink feed suppliers.

New fur industry researcher

Branson W. Ritchie
Department of Small Animal Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Gerogia
Athens, GA

Notes: Richie has volunteered his research skills to the mink industry as part of the proposed Mink Genome Project. This project aims to alleviate the industry of one of its biggest threats: aleutian disease. He has offered cell mediated research to isolate mink genes that are resistant to AD. This research will be done in partnership with Dr. John Easley of Plymouth, Wisconsin, who is also a leading expert in mink disease. Ritchie is awaiting funding from the Fur Commission USA’s research committee before the Mink Genome Project is launched.

The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit does not inflate the impact or significance of leaking secretive information as a tactic. The intelligence organ of this movement will never be more than an auxiliary service to the movement’s teeth: Those who take these addresses and use them to achieve true animal liberation.

Despite efforts at secrecy over the location of their farms, feed manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and research facilities, we are approaching the day when every address in the fur industry is revealed and available for use by individuals who will bring its collapse.

The few murderers of animals for fur whose business addresses remain unexposed will soon be driven from hiding. The Fur Farm Intelligence Unit is being leaked information from the highest levels of the U.S. fur industry. This will become apparent in future communiques. More to come.

For animal liberation,

Fur Farm Intelligence Unit”

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