Threat to sue this site over fur farm photos Oct21


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Threat to sue this site over fur farm photos

For the second time, the fur industry threatens a lawsuit against Animal Liberation Frontline.

Earlier this month, Animal Liberation Frontline posted photos taken by a fur farmer inside the Masog mink farm in Lebanon, Oregon. This was followed up shortly by a threat of a lawsuit, which I am posting below.

This threat is more direct, but similar to one made against this site in 2011. In that instance, the Fur Commission sent a bulletin to fur farmers nationwide announcing they were seeking legal action against Animal Liberation Frontline for posting news of the death of a fur farmer weeks after his farm was raided.

As for this latest threat, we would encourage the author (“mink farmer’s daughter”) to read Facebook’s terms of service thoroughly before making feeble legal threats.

IP address

As a violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, ( ) You are in direct violation of copyright infringement to the owner of these photos. As a representative of this company and organization, I will ask you to cease and desist using any and all of these photos immediately. Having the originated photos in our immediate care, I have undeniable proof that these were obtained illegally by your cooperation and then published without consent. If you do not wish to have further charges pressed against you, you must immediately remove the photos from your website. This is your first warning. Failure to do so will result in further action. Shame on you for posting pictures from a Facebook page and then saying they were ‘leaked’ into your possession, Peter Young. You obviously view your agenda above the law.”

We would also invite Paul Durkop, owner of a fox farm in Lost Nation, Iowa, to join in this lawsuit. He recently used Facebook to post this photo of a fox imprisoned inside his farm:


And here are the photos from inside the Masog mink farm that prompted this threat:


Blood-stained pants of fur farmer.