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Lynx Farm to Police: “Terrorists” Will Release Animals

Nations largest lynx farm calls 911, fearing an impending raid of their farm

9:53 p.m. February 2nd

An employee of the notorious Fraser Fur Farm (Ronan, MT) called 911 on February 2nd to report they feared an impending raid of their farm. The employee told 911 they received an anonymous call that “terrorist” members of an “animal welfare coalition” will “invade the property and attempt to release the farm’s animals”.

Fraser Fur Farm is known as the largest wild cat farm in the country. Despite lynx being classified as a “threatened” species, it is believed Fraser Fur Farm imprisons at least 50 of the large cats. Most information known about the farm is found in an anonymous report featured in The Blueprint – Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report. There are 14 licensed bobcat and lynx farms in Montana.

View the anonymous report on Fraser Fur Farm here.

To date, there have been no reported Animal Liberation Front actions at Fraser Fur Farm.

– Peter Young

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