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A.L.F. Prisoner Walter Bond Requesting Letters to Judge

Below is a message from the support group of Walter Bond, who plead guilty to an Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) arson at Sheepskin Factory in Dever. Walter Bond is scheduled to be sentenced on February 11th, and is requesting letters to the judge asking for the lowest possible sentence.

The message from Walter Bond’s support group is as follows:

“Write a letter today to Judge Arguello, requesting the minimum sentence for Walter Bond. Your letter will help to give a more 3-dimensional and personal perspective on the positive character attributes Walter possesses and how highly he is valued by his friends and associates.

Please write this letter immediately, as the sentencing date is set for February 11, 2011.

Address a formal business letter to:

Hon. Christine Arguello

US District Court
901 19 th Street
Denver CO 80294

Include your address and the date. The salutation is, “Dear Judge Arguello:” and the reference is “United States of America v. Walter Bond.”

Please send this letter to Walter’s public defender, who will deliver all the letters to the Judge himself.

Edward Harris
c/o Office of the Federal Public Defender
633 17 th Street, Suite 1000
Denver CO 80202

You can also send this letter via an email attachment (or do both: snail mail a signed copy and email) to:


Finally, please mail a copy of your letter to Walter as well, to keep him informed.


Walter Bond Support Crew”