“Is Green the new Red?”: Talk @ Vermont Law School Friday Nov09


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“Is Green the new Red?”: Talk @ Vermont Law School Friday

I’ll be speaking this Friday, November 11th, at the Vermont Law School Animal Law Symposium with Odette Wilkins (Equal Justice Alliance) and law professor Pamela Vesilind. If you’re in or around Vermont, please come by. Here is the info:

Animal Law Symposium

“Is Green the new Red”

Punishing Protest, Criminalizing Speech in Environmental and Animal Activism

November 11, 2011
Yates Hall, Vermont Law School
4pm – 6pm

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the various legal, legislative and grassroots issues in the field of animal law while enjoying a delicious vegan dinner. This year’s speaker will be presenting topics concerning the restrictions animal rights activism. The speakers will be:

Odette Wilkens

Executive Director of Equal Justice Alliance

Odette will speak about the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (“AETA”). She will explain when it was enacted, what this act is about and what restrictions it places on animal rights activism. She will also speak about grassroots movements to repeal and fix this act.

Pamela Vesilind

Assistant Professor of Law at Vermont Law School

Pamela has presented on limitations on free expression in animal rights advocacy. She will speak about these issues on the state level, as well as agricultural gag laws which make protesting illegal.

Peter Young

Animal Rights Activist

Peter is a veteran animal activist who served two years in federal prison for rescuing thousands of animals from fur farms across the country. After being wanted by the FBI for seven years, Young was one of the first people prosecuted for “animal enterprise terrorism.”

Attendance is limited to the first 50 people who sign up. This event is co-sponsored by ELS and NLG.”

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