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Grand Jury Resister Jordan Halliday Taken Into Custody

Jordan Halliday taken into custody early for giving an interview.

Exact details are unknown, but yesterday Jordan Halliday was taken into custody on an apparent bail violation for conducting an interview with vegan and straight edge clothing company Motive. Halliday’s bail conditions require he “not associate with ELF, ALF, or vegan straightedge animal liberation groups or members” (that is not an error or an exaggeration: In effect, Halliday was barred from contact with vegans who do not use drugs). Rather than turn himself in at a future date to begin serving his 10-month sentence, he must begin the sentence now.

Halliday was sentenced to 10-months for Criminal Contempt after refusing to give testimony to a grand jury investigating the release of mink from two fur farms in Utah. The raids were claimed by the Animal Liberation Front. Recently, Halliday lost his appeal and was ordered to serve 10-months in federal prison.

Calls to jail needed

Please call 801-451-4200, option 0 – ask he get vegan food and use the information below to send him your letters of support

To write to Jordan Halliday:

Address is:

Jordan Halliday #201200256
Davis County Correctional Facility
PO Box 130
Farmington, UT 84025

General prison mail rules

1) No writing in marker, no glitter, stickers, staples, paper clips, etc.

2) This jail only accepts cards and letters – don’t put anything extra in an envelope (no stamps, pictures, etc). Always include your return address on the outside of the envelope as well as on the letter itself (Jordan may not get the envelope).

3) Postcards: Write small but DO include your return address somewhere on it. Mail may be rejected without a return address.

4) Don’t talk about anything illegal. Don’t talk about Jordan’s case. Everything you write to Jordan is going to be read and scanned in by jail officials.

Letters are a crucial lifeline for animal liberation prisoners. Please write Jordan a letter of support.

– Peter Young

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