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Fur farm siege continues: Mink released in Ohio

In yet another raid, the Animal Liberation Front releases up to 300 mink in Ohio.

In a communique received by Bite Back, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for it’s 7th US fur farm release in two months. In the latest action, 150 to 300 mink were freed from Lion Farms, 2707 Hoaglin Road in Van Wert, Ohio on September 29th.

Brand new farm targeted

Lion Farms was under construction as recently as December, and is the newest fur farm known in the US. It is so new, it is not reflected on any satellite images available online.

The Coalition Against Fur Farms reports the location of this farm was revealed by a tipster in early 2013, who provided the address while it was under construction.

European farmer attempting to enter the US market

Lion Farms is a company form Holland, that appear to be opening new fur farms in the US. Two farms owned by the company are known presently: The farm in Van Wert, Ohio; and another in Nottingham, Indiana.

The company has hit some speed bumps in its attempt to open fur farms in the US. In addition to this latest ALF raid, the other farm owned by Lion Farms went up in flames in May, 2012. In that incident a barn caught on fire, apparently while the farm was under construction.

Other farm owned by Lion goes up in flames last year.

Other farm owned by Lion goes up in flames last year.

The full communique reads:


150-300 mink released from cages and dozens of breeding cards destroyed at the massive mink farm owned by Lion Farms, 2707 Hoaglin Road in Van Wert, Ohio. This facility confines tens of thousands of animals, making it one of the largest mink farms in the United States. Time constraints prevented us from doing more.

Mink are wild animals native to North America. The fur industry’s lies are transparent. Mink are fiercely territorial carnivores and will have no problem hunting and surviving in the wild. Any wildlife biologist knows this.

‘The souls of the tortured dead cry out for justice. The cry of the living is for freedom. We can create that justice. We can deliver that freedom. The animals have no one but us. We will not fail them’