Fur Farm Magazine Article: “How to Manage Threats” Dec03


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Fur Farm Magazine Article: “How to Manage Threats”

Read an article from The Fur Farm Letter on dealing with “threats” from animal rights activists.

Part three in a thirty-article series this month on the ALF’s fur farm campaign

For decades, a magazine called Fur Rancher was the only publication written specifically for fur farmers. When it ceased publishing in 2003, the Fur Commission launched The Fur Farm Letter, which continues to publish to this day. It has a very limited circulation, and is distributed only to the 400 or so members of the Fur Commission USA.

Animal Liberation Frontline has obtained dozens of issues of the newsletter, and I will be posting some choice excerpts over the next month as part of the 30-day series on the ALF’s fur farm campaign.

A lot of space in The Fur Farm Letter is given to the animal rights movement, from celebrating arrests of activists to securing fur farms and promoting anti-ALF legislation. Much of the material is outright comical, such as this article on “managing threats.”

One thing should be clear from everything I’ve posted from within the fur industry: Fur farmers are completely, hopelessly out of touch. (This article actually gives space to dealing with “threatening text messages.”)

This article is less insightful than it is humorous, so enjoy a glimpse into how fur farmers talk about the animal liberation movement when they think no one else is watching.

Managing threats from animal rights activists – guide for fur farmers

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