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Fur Farm Address List Called a “Terrorist Handbook”

Mink farmers call The Blueprint a “terrorist handbook” and claim armed overnight patrols of their farms.

Fur farmers are going on the defensive in response to The Blueprint – a list of fur farm addresses for activists.  In an article last week in the Park Record (Park City, UT), one fur farmer stated in response to The Blueprint:

I have a target on my back.

The Blueprint – subtitled “the largest collection of fur industry intelligence to date” – is a 62-page document recently published by Voice of the Voiceless and Bite Back Magazine. It is an up to date, state-by-state directory of mink, fox, and lynx farms for activists. The document was released at the conclusion of the two-month Fur Farm Intelligence Project, where activists visited and compiled data on over 200 fur farms.

While the Park Record calls The Blueprinta how-to guide for carrying out attacks against mink ranchers”, a look at the document shows this to be tabloid-style sensationalism. The document is made up of a short introduction explaining the value of names and addresses in legal animal protection campaigns, followed by a state-by-state listing of all known fur farms. Not only is The Blueprint absent of any “how-to” information on illegal activity, it is absent of any “how-to” information at all.

Part III of The Fur Farm Intelligence Project’s mission goals reads:

Collect data at each location relevant to legal campaigns: including species seen, farm size, and more.

Regardless, fur farmers spoken to in the Park Record claim the disclosure of their addresses has put them on the defensive. A Coalville, Utah fur farmer interviewed for the article stated:

The Blueprint is a little disturbing…. We spend many sleepless nights on the ranch.

Animal abusers appear to be so depraved, they reject the first amendment of the Constitution entirely. One mink farmer had this to say about the address list:

All this is is domestic terrorism.

The concern relates to a document of raw data, listing names and address of businesses. Calling this protected speech activity “domestic terrorism” places the burden on activists for the fur farmer’s guilt-complex, and operating a business the majority of the public finds morally abhorrent.

Despite being named in the article as the editor, I was not contacted for an interview to explain the intention behind The Blueprint.

A second paper – the Medford Star News – will be running an article on The Blueprint this week, and conducted a lengthy interview in which I was able to accurately represent my intention behind the fur farm directory. In number of mink farms, Medford, Wisconsin is second only to Morgan, Utah.

Animal abusers require only a little secrecy to do their work. The Park Record article highlights the power of “coordinative outreach”, and that a necessary step in dismantling any animal abuse industry is knowing the names and addresses that make up its architecture.

– Peter Young

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