Fire Sweeps Through Indiana Mink Farm May02


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Fire Sweeps Through Indiana Mink Farm

A barn at a previously unknown fur farm is destroyed by fire.

A rural Indiana newspaper is reporting that embers from a trash can fire set off a blaze that destroyed a barn at a Nottingham, Indiana fur farm. Smoke from the burning building at 9555 S 250 E was said to be visible for miles.

The fire occurred in a mink shed that did not house any animals. According to reports, an “adjacent” building is said to house mink.

News coverage revealed the location of the mink farm, which was previously unknown. The location is said to be a former dairy farm, which converted over to housing mink sometime after 2000. The farm has not been listed in the two primary fur farm address sources: or The Blueprint: Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report. It is owned by Lion Farms Indiana LLC of Keystone, Indiana.

View an aerial image of the mink farm here.

In an odd coincidence, the fire occurred three hours west off the same highway as three additional farm fires that occurred a month earlier in Sanbury, Ohio. The second set of fires all occurred on the same night, and all have been ruled arson. One of the targeted businesses was a dairy farm. There has been no public speculation by police of an animal liberation motive.








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