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Feds raid slaughterhouse & three-time Animal Liberation Front target

The Rancho Veal slaughterhouse, set on fire three times by the Animal Liberation Front, is raided by the USDA.

This week, the government raided a Petaluma slaughterhouse and confiscated hundreds of pounds of animal flesh the USDA said may be contaminated.

The Rancho Veal slaughterhouse is the only remaining slaughterhouse in the Bay Area, killing up to 200 cows daily (year 2000 numbers). Recently the slaughterhouse also began killing pigs.

The slaughterhouse has been the target of attempted arsons on three occasions from 1997 to 2000. Significant damage was done in two of the three actions.

These are the entries for each of the three arsons, from the Animal Liberation Front: Complete Diary of Actions, the First 30 Years:

February 19th, 1997
Petaluma, CA
Rancho Veal slaughterhouse was attacked by activists of the Bay Area Cell of the A.L.F. At least one semi-trailer rig was reportedly heavily damaged by fire. From the communiqué:

‘We placed 4 incendiary devices in a double, semi-trailer truck used for live animal transportation. We used a total of five liters of flammable liquid, which we placed in the engine, the top of the cab and the connecting wheelbase.’ – Animal Liberation Front

January 3rd, 2000
Petaluma, CA
Fire damaged three separate buildings at Rancho Veal Corp slaughterhouse. Three fires set: one in an office, one in a truck, and one in a storage building. Three slaughterhouse trucks were also partially destroyed. Owner stated if the fires had not been spotted early, “the whole place could have been destroyed.” Damages estimated at $250,000. Rancho Veal kills an estimated 200 cows a day. Second arson at this location.
Animal Liberation Front

March 24th
Petaluma, CA
Third arson at Rancho Veal slaughterhouse. Incendiary device left on room. Fire failed to do significant damage. Slogan found at the scene: “Stop the Killing”.