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Support Shirts for Pair Accused of Attempted Fur Farm Break-In

Funds needed for Kellie and Victor VanOrden, accused of an attempted mink liberation in Iowa.

Victor and Kellie were arrested in October near Circle K mink and fox farm in Sioux City, Iowa. Police allegedly found a hole cut in the fence and the two dressed in black, and a search of their vehicle turned up more items deemed suspicious. The two were charged with attempting to release animals from the farm.

Another (approximately) $7,500 is needed in the next month to pay attorney fees. Getting the best possible outcome in difficult cases requires the best possible defense. Your donations can literally buy freedom for an animal liberation prisoner.

These awesome shirts have been printed to raise money for Victor and Kellie. Please click on the image to purchase. (If you don’t see the size you want, email curedollyyy@aol.com and ask about availability)

The two desperately need money to fight their case and keep them from a lengthy prison sentence, and all funds from t-shirts will go to their defense.

Here is a synopsis of the current state of their case, from their support group:

“Victor and Kellie have pleaded “not guilty” but the chances of all charges being dropped is slim to none. If convicted, the ideal situation would be that their plea agreement would consist of two of the four charges being dropped. If this is indeed what happens on January 24th, then they will be sentenced to approximately 12-18 months in prison. The longer their lawyers can work on the case the more likely their sentencing time will be drastically reduced (i.e. some of the charges will be dropped).”

Victor and Kellie and accused of attempting to liberate the captives of an atrocious mink and fox factory farm (as I can testify from visiting this farm myself in 1997), with 5,000 captives. It is the obligation of those who are not putting themselves on the frontlines to support those who are.

Read background and updates on their case at the Support Victor and Kellie site. There is a Pay Pal link to donate, and other ways you can help.

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