Peter Young is the creator of Animal Liberation Frontline, a site created to report on the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) and all actions for animals carried out above the law.

At various times, Peter Young has been a fugitive, activist, author, prisoner, felon, spokesperson, animal liberator, protester, entrepreneur, saboteur, publisher, speaker, and criminal of conscience.

By various people and agencies, he has been called a terrorist, eco-terrorist, “special interest” terrorist, burglar, accessory after the fact, danger to the community, flight risk, unindicted co-conspirator, and member of the Animal Liberation Front.

Today Peter remains an activist and uses this site to express his unapologetic support of those who work outside the law to achieve animal liberation.

“Young covers barnyard arson the way Peter Parker covers Spider-Man.” - Toronto Star

Recent media

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“A motivational speaker for the A.L.F.”
Teresa Platt, Fur Commission USA


“(A) self-appointed spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front.” FBI agent Mark Kitsmiller

“Be aware of any suspicious activity around (your) farms in the coming days, as activists tend to be energized after his appearance.” Fur Commission security alert to fur farms before a University of Wisconsin lecture

“Peter Young explicitly told members of the audience to commit crimes” Michael Whelan, Executive Director, Fur Commission USA

“He believes all of his illegal activities are justified as long as he hides behind the word ‘compassion.’” Beloit, WI farmer

“(Peter Young) did tremendous damage to many people in the fur business, and shows no remorse.” Dennis and Jill Preissner, third generation mink farmers

“Young… travel(s) the country urging activists to commit crimes in the name of animal rights… (His) appearances are often followed by eco-terrorist activity.” Washington University police memo

“The suspect refused to provide even basic personal information”. San Jose Police Department Officer Cooley

“Unrepentant”. The Associated Press

“He toes the line on advocating people going out and committing crimes” Cedar Rapids, Iowa FBI agent

“He incited people to break the law, and if caught he’d do it again.” Federal judge Stephen Crocker

“Notorious ALF activist gone vegan evangelist.” San Francisco Magazine

“I’m not a vegan and I actually very much disagree with his cause, but… I thought that was pretty brilliant.” Ryan Holiday, media strategist

“I’m happy to hear my advice got someone sent to federal prison.” Bill Nye, on advice imparted in a 1990 conversation.

“Is convinced the FBI is following him everywhere” Oakland Tribune

“You will not be allowed back here. Don’t even try.”  Canadian border patrol

“He won’t be allowed to return to the state — ever.” Dawn Elshere, South Dakota state’s attorney