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New attempt to link Illinois mink release to jailed activist

After new allegations, donations needed for Kevin Olliff.

The case of a jailed animal rights activists took a new turn last week when the prosecutor made clear his intent to use an Illinois mink release against Kevin Olliff, jailed for “possession of burglary tools.”

Kevin is not being charged with the August 14th Illinois mink release. However the prosecution now intends to use this action to build a circumstantial case that the items found in Kevin Olliff’s car were to be used in a “burglary.”

The  release of 2,000 mink occurred elsewhere in Illinois the night before he was pulled over with codefendant Tyler Lang in rural Illinois. The Animal Liberation Front did not take credit for the raid.

Three recent media stories on hunger strike, more

If this is confusing, here is the point put another way:

“The indication is [the prosecution] will use this raid to circumstantially support a case Kevin intended to commit ‘burglary’ against another fur farm.” -from the Support Kevin and Tyler website.

This appears to be an underhanded way to use a crime against someone in court when there is not enough evidence to actually charge them with it.

Another development: Prosecutor names the intended “burglary” target

Also unveiled last week, the prosecutor named a specific fur farm as the intended “burglary” target the night of Kevin Olliff’s arrest. Prior to this, Kevin was being charged with “possession of burglary tools” without a specific target being named. It’s not yet know which fur farm is being named, only that a particular farm will be alleged as the intended target of a “burglary” the night of his arrest.

Donations needed.

After months of speculation as to allegations in Kevin’s case, he is now in no uncertain way an animal liberation prisoner. And he needs our help.

Kevin has been very fortunate to have dedicated activists attorneys fighting his case, however funds are needed to see the case through and guaranteed the most favorable outcome. A good defense can mean the difference between prison time and walking free, and supporters of Kevin are doing a fundraising push to raise the needed funds.

What you can do

And don’t forget to write Kevin a letter:

Kevin Johnson #4565
Woodford County Jail
111 E Court St.
Eureka, IL 61530