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Arson attack halts opening of nation’s only horse slaughterhouse

The opening of the nation’s only horse slaughterhouse is stalled after the building is set on fire.

An arson attack Saturday has halted the opening of a horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, New Mexico. The Valley Meat Company was in the process of converting from a cow slaughterhouse to a horse slaughterhouse, and was scheduled to open this week. Federal courts shut down the last three horse slaughterhouses in 2007. When opened, the Roswell plant would have been the only horse slaughterhouse in the US. That opening has now been halted.

The owner stated that on Saturday night someone apparently jumped the fence, then poured accelerant over the compressors to the slaughterhouse’s refrigeration unit.

Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santo said:

“They tried to burn the place down.”

The slaughterhouse was to begin killing horses on Monday. Without a functioning refrigeration unit, the plant is now unable to operate, and the opening has been delayed.

The arson has not (yet) been claimed by the Animal Liberation Front, or other clandestine group.

Horse Slaughter

Valley Meat Company horse slaughterhouse

More information will be posted as it is available.



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