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Announcing huge purge of internal fur industry “Security Alerts”

To celebrate the surge of recent fur farm raids, Animal Liberation Frontline is posting 30+ fur industry “security alerts” over the next month.

As US fur farmers face a (nearly) unprecedented “security crisis” with 10 raids in 4 months, Animal Liberation Frontline will be posting over 30 internal fur industry security bulletins going back to 2008, including several offering new details on the recent raids.


Over the 4+ years of this site, Animal Liberation Frontline has taken on one role not originally intended: Serving, at times, as an informal “animal rights Wikileaks.” I’ve had the good fortune of being provided dozens and dozens of interesting documents and leaked emails over the years, and it’s this material that I consider the highlight of everything here.

Because the work of the Animal Liberation Front has leaned heavily towards fur, much of these documents have pertained that industry. These have included a leaked letter from a fur farmer describing the aftermath of a raid by the Animal Liberation Front, the much-rumored-of-but-never-seen Fur Commission security manual for fur farmers, and even the minutes for the Fur Commission’s annual meeting in Park City, Utah.

These documents have also included quite a few of the Fur Commission’s “security alerts,” sent by email and fax to fur farmer’s every time there is a security-related matter. This can run the range from news of an ALF action, to warning mink farmers to be on alert because of “radical” speaking events at colleges near fur farms (seriously).

Releasing over 30+ bulletins over the next month

Animal Liberation Frontline has been provided with several dozen of these bulletins, intended only to be seen by fur farmers. Over the next month, I will be posting over 30 of them.

Many of them are of little value beyond a voyeuristic look into the “private” communications of the opposition. And many of them are quite interesting, documenting incidents such as attempted (and unclaimed) raids, fur farmers chasing trespassers, and more.

What are Fur Commission “Security Alerts”?

These bulletins are sent to fur farmers via email and fax by the Fur Commission USA, a trade group for the “farming” side of the fur industry. They represent over 400 mink and fox farms in North America.

The bulletins mostly aim to warn fur farmers of an impending security issue, such as suspicious vehicles seen near farms, the presence of legal animal rights activity (i.e. protests, conferences, etc) occurring in fur farming areas, and more.

Their intended audience is extremely limited. They are only sent to the 400 or so fur farmers on the the Fur Commission’s email list, and possibly a handful of other potential ALF targets (such as feed suppliers).

The audience that was never intended was an audience they will now have: a public one.

Alerts going back to 2008

Over the next month I will be posting every “security bulletin” I’ve been provided, going back to 2008.

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