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Announcing the Reprint of Flaming Arrows by Rod Coronado

Flaming Arrows, a collection of writings by Rod Coronado, is back in print with 17 additional pages

Of the four books Warcry Publishing has released so far, this is the only one Flaming Arrows by Rod CoronadoI’ve read cover to cover over 10 times.  There is no way to capture how important this book is, and how fortunate I feel to have a hand in bringing it back in print.  For now I will just say:

*The book is back from the printer.

*It has 17 additional pages of writing not included in the original

*Half the profits are going to Rod Coronado to help with his post-prison life

*It is mandatory reading.

Go here to buy.

Flaming Arrows includes:

*First hand accounts of A.L.F. raids on animal research labs
*How Rod Coronado sank two whaling ships
*A detailed narrative on the A.L.F.’s “Operation Bite Back”
*Letters from prison

And much more.

There were some obstacles along the way to this seeing print, including spending months fruitlessly attempting to track down the original files before piecing the book back together from scratch. But we made it and Flaming Arrows is back in print.

The book is available many places online, including the Animal Liberation Front-line store. Or save us a trip the post office and order from Powells, Amazon, or a dozen other online booksellers.

Here are the stats:

138 pages.
ISBN: 0984284451
Dimensions: 9″ x 6″

For wholesale orders, view our wholesale rates.

Everyone who believes in animal liberation, indigenous autonomy, and defending this planet will benefit from the timeless writings in Flaming Arrows.

– Peter Young

Flaming Arrows-back-cover

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