Animal Liberation Frontline is back Jul07


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Animal Liberation Frontline is back

After a six-month hiatus, Animal Liberation Frontline is back.

Regrettably, the site took a hiatus while I shifted focus to a big project (one that will be announced in time).

In a way, the timing could not have been better: With the focus of Animal Liberation Frontline being the work of the ALF, there has been very little to report. The liberation of 10 rabbits from a breeder in California is the only (reported) major action in the time the site has been inactive.

Despite the lack of ALF activity, I’ve amassed a huge amount of material that I will be posting over the coming weeks.

Also regrettably, the hiatus began before completing a 30-day series on the Animal Liberation Front’s fur farm campaign, which was to run through the month of December. I will be posting the remaining 10 articles in the series over the next several weeks.

Standby for more.