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Accused Mink Liberator Alex Hall Re-arrested

In even more Utah news, on July 16th, accused mink liberator Alex Hall had his bail revoked and was taken into custody. Police allege they found a “weapon” in his vehicle during a search, in violation of his bail conditions (which disallow possessing weapons). In the past, people facing trial in politicized cases have had their bail revoked for “weapons” such as kitchen knives in their bedrooms.

Alex has been placed in the same cell block as his co-defendant, William “BJ” Viehl. While seemingly a stroke of good fortune, it is a page from the FBI’s very old playbook to place co-defendants in jail together in the pre-trial phase, in what is an easily monitored environment, so as to listen to what is said between them to build a case for trial. While it is assumed BJ and Alex have nothing to say which could be incriminating, both their placement together and the back-to-back timing of the arrests have aroused suspicion among activists that there is an agenda behind these bail revocations.

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