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“Agri-Terrorism” Seminar to be Held in California

Farm Bureau responds to ALF arson with seminar on “animal rights threats”.

After the Animal Liberation Front set fire to 14 trucks at Harris Ranch, the massive California stockyard, the Kings County Farm Bureau announced the will be holding a seminar on “agri-terrorism”. The seminar will discuss “international terrorism and weapons of mass destruction threats, as well as domestic terrorism and animal rights threats.”

This is another example of an entire fraudulent industry that has emerged, in which fake “experts” pretend to have specialized knowledge on “eco-terrorism”, and sell their completely laughable “analysis” to ignorant companies and farmers who fall for it.

For proof of the farce that the “eco-terrrorism threat assessment and analysis” industry is, you need look no further than one of the warning signs that farmers are the “victims’ of the Animal Liberation Front or other “eco-terrorist” groups: “a rise in the number of sick or dead livestock”. Yes, with a straight face the “experts” claim activists may kill farmers’ animals.

A Kings County Farm Bureau Executive said:

“This seminar is an opportunity to learn from the experts what the most current activism movements entail, what to watch out for and how to protect your operation.”

If anyone wants to attend and is willing to send a report, audio, or video on the seminar, I would be very interested to post on Animal Liberation Frontline. The details are:
April 19th
8 a.m.
UC Cooperative Extension multi-purpose room
680 Campus Drive
Hanford, CA
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