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Accused Mink Liberator William Viehl Sent Back To Jail

Citing bail condition violations, BJ Viehl has been taken back into custody by the US Marshalls and will likely be held until trial.

Prosecutors alledge BJ violated bail conditions (which call for no contact with anyone in the Animal Liberation Front or straight edge) by corresponding with animal and earth liberation prisoners. The judge also took objection to shirts made to raise funds for BJ and his Co-defendant Alex Hall (view / buy the shirt here). Prosecuters asserted the shirts “mocked” the court and the defendant’s bail conditions.

BJ says he is receiving vegan food, and his spirits are high.

Alex Hall and William “BJ” Viehl have been charged federally with one mink release and one attempted mink release in Utah late last year.

Background information: BJ and Alex Support Page.

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