Announcing 30 Days of Coverage on the ALF’s Fur Farm Campaign Nov27


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Announcing 30 Days of Coverage on the ALF’s Fur Farm Campaign

Thirty articles in thirty days on the ALF’s war against the fur industry.

We are in the middle of what the fur industry calls “the pelting season”, the time from late-November to early-December when over 2 million animals on fur farms across the US are killed.

To honor them, I will be dedicating the month of December to posting 30 articles in 30 days on the ALF’s work to free them.

Internal “security bulletins”, more

One mission of this site is to function in part as a sort of “animal rights Wikileaks”. Since launching, I’ve been (often anonymously) leaked some very interesting documents – much of it related to the Animal Liberation Front’s campaign against the fur industry. Some of it has come from other activists, while some comes anonymously with no identifiable source.

And a lot of it I have never posted. Some of the more salient documents I’ve saved for this month.

Among them, over a dozen “security bulletins” sent to fur farmers by the Fur Commission USA. These bulletins are issued to alert farmers to specific ALF & security-related threats, including suspicious activity at fur farms, unreported raids, and more. They have been obtained by Animal Liberation Frontline, and were never meant to be seen outside of the fur industry.

More articles…

In addition to the security bulletins, I will be posting a ton of additional new material, including internal fur industry documents specifically about the Animal Liberation Front.

Throughout the 30 days I will also include numerous “blast from the past” posts, including old ALF communiques not available on the internet, “how it was done” articles by participants in past fur farm raids, and more.

That’s just a sampling. It all starts December 1st. Sign up for the email list to get every update sent to your inbox, or check back daily.


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